Institutions and services in Prague 3 For foreigners

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Assistance to victims of trafficking and exploitation in the labor market - Diak
Čajkovského 1640/8, Praha 3

Assistance to victims of trafficking and exploitation in the labor market

Association for Integration and Migration
Baranova 33, Praha 3

free legal, social and psychosocial counselling for migrants, multicultural public events

  • Telefon: 224 224 379
  • Social counselling: 605 253 994
  • Legal counselling: 603 547 450
  • Email:
  • Counselling: Mon 9 am-7 pm, Wed, Thu 9 am - 5 pm, Tue, Fri (by appointment only)
  • Web:
Association for intercultural work
Kubelíkova 55, Praha 3

assistance from intercultural workers in negotiations between migrants and public institutions (e.g. governmental offices, schools, hospitals); intercultural work includes interpreting, assistance, basic social counselling

Centre for children with multiple disabilities - Diakonie Církve bratrské (Diakonie Církve bratrské v Praze 3)
Koněvova 151/24, Praha 3

daily specialized care for people with autism spectrum disorders, mental, sensory or multiple disabilities (for any age)

Centre for Integration of Foreigners
Kubelíkova 55, Praha 3

social and employment counselling for foreigners, assistance in negotiations with public authorities, Czech language courses

Citizens Advice Bureau REMEDIUM
Křišťanova 15, Praha 3

free information on the rights and duties of citizens regarding housing, employment, social security, etc., consumer rights counselling, debt counselling

Club REMEDIUM - Seniors Activity Centre (REMEDIUM Praha)
Táboritská 22, Praha 3

social meetings, physical exercises, education and rehabilitation programs for retired people

Counselling Centre Justýna (In IUSTITIA)
Slezská 103; Eliášova 28, Praha 6 (od 1.7.2015), Praha 3

assistance to victims of hate crimes, their relatives and witnesses of hate crimes; professional legal and social counselling, legal representation, mediation of psychological care

ČSOP Koniklec (Český svaz ochránců přírody)
Vlkova 2725/34, Praha 3

environmental counselling, education and awareness raising

Daily centre U Bulhara -Naděje (Naděje)
U Bulhara 46, Praha 3

services for homeless people: facilities for sanitation, food distribution, safekeeping of ID papers, general practitioner and gynecologist, social and psychological counselling

Dental Facility Jarov
Koněvova 198 (вход на углу ул. Есенинова), Praha 3

dental clinic for adults and children, X-ray facility, dental hygiene

Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior (OAMP
Koněvova 188/32, Praha 3

long-term and permanent residency for nationals of third countries residing in Prague 1, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Department of Education and Health - Municipality office (Úřad MČ Praha 3)
Lipanská 9, Praha 3

education (kindergarden, primary and secondary schools), nurseries, sport, health centres

Department of Registers and Citizenship - Municipality office (Úřad MČ Praha 3)
Havlíčkovo náměstí 9, Praha 3

births, marriages, and deaths, the use of names and surnames, questions of paternity, adoption, divorce and naturalization

Department of signatures and documents verification CzechPoint - Municipality of (Úřad MČ Praha 3)
Lipanská 9, Seifertova 51, Praha 3

verification of documents (vidimus) and signatures (legalization) CzechPoint

Department of Social and Legal Protection of Children - Municipality office (Úřad MČ Praha 3)
Seifertova 51, Praha 3

assistance and protection of children in situations that threaten their healthy development, assistance to parents in solving educational and other problems related to child care, supervision and control

Department of Trades and Small Businesses - Municipality office (Úřad MČ Praha 3)
Lipanská 14, Praha 3

business registration, concessions, extracts from the Trades and Small Businesses Registry, inspection of entrepreneurs' activities, penalties

Family and community center Paleček
Písecká 17, Praha 3

playroom, courses for parents and children, summer kindergarten, social and legal counselling, online parental counselling

Family and cultural center Nová Trojka
Jeseniova 19, Praha 3

social counselling, courses for parents, recreational activities for children and adults, activities for families, summer kindergarten and school

Family, marriage and interpersonal relationship counselling centre Táboritská - (Centrum sociálních služeb Praha)
Táboritská 1084/15, Praha 3

social, legal and psychological counselling for families and individuals regarding family and personal life, or relationships in marriage and partnerships; family meditations

Health Care Facility Jarov
Koněvova 2427/205, Praha 3

facility of general practitioners and doctors with various specialties, pharmacy

Health Care Facility Olsanska
Olšanská 2666/7, Praha 3

facility of general practitioners and doctors with various specialties, pharmacy

Health Care Facility Vinohrady
Vinohradská 1513/176, Praha 3

facility of general practitioners and doctors with various specialties, pharmacy

Hospice Cesta domů
Boleslavská 16, Praha 3

specialized assistance to terminally ill people and their relatives (counselling, home hospice, respite services, equipment rental, library, club Podvečer- bereavement meetings)

Husita - Low Threshold club (Husita - nízkoprahový klub)
Náměstí Barikád 1, Praha 3

Free free spending time: music, sport, dance, art workshops, cooking, games, tutoring, internet, workshops, community garden and individual consultations

  • Denní centrum: Po-Čt 14:00-18:00 hod.
In-Home Care Services in Prague 3
Roháčova 26, Praha 3

in-home care services for elderly and disabled persons

Information centre of Prague 3 - Municipality office (Úřad MČ Praha 3)
Milešovská 846/1, Praha 3

information on activities and events organized by the city hall of Prague 3, free counselling

Integration Centre Zahrada
U Zásobní zahrady 8/2445, Praha 3

services for children with multiple disabilities, services for parents, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, animal assisted therapy, social counselling and other services

Intervention centre for people threatened by domestic violence - Centrum sociáln (Centrum sociálních služeb Praha)
Chelčického 39, Praha 3

legal, social and psychological counselling for victims of domestic violence, counselling for persons who are in conflict with their loved ones

Labour Office for Prague 3 - Employment
Roháčova 133/13, Praha 3

registration of job seekers, job placement, unemployment benefits

Labour Office for Prague 3 - Social Benefits
Seifertova 559/51, Praha 3

state social benefits, assistance in poverty, care allowances, benefits for persons with disabilities

Labour Office, regional office for the Capital City, Prague
Domažlická 1139/11, Praha 3

work permits for foreigners

Low-threshold club - Husita (Husitské centrum)
Náměstí Barikád 1, Praha 3

free space for leisure activities for children and youth from 6 to 26 years old, tutoring, community garden, internet

Municipal Police - department of minor offences
Lupáčova 14, Praha 3

administrative hearings and fine collections

  • Telefon: 222 025 146
  • Telefon: 222 025 148
  • Opening hours: Mon, Wed 8 am - 12 am, 1 pm - 5.30 pm, Tue, Thu 8 am - 12 am, 1 pm - 3.30 pm
  • Web:
Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling Centre Prague 3
Lucemburská 40, Praha 3

psychological and pedagogical counselling for parents with children aged from 3 to 18 years

Police of the Czech Republic - Alien Police Service (Služba cizinecké policie (SCP))
Olšanská 2, Praha 3

stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic, ID documents, residence controls

Police of the Czech Republic - The local department Jarov
Koněvova 103, Praha 3

protects persons, property and public order, receives and investigates crime notifications

Police of the Czech Republic - The local department Zizkov
Lipanská 16, Praha 3

protects persons, property and public order, receives and investigates crime notifications

Prague Social Security Administration (PSSZ) - Regional Office for Prague 3
Olšanská 3, Praha 3

registration and collection of payments of pension and sickness insurance, payments of pensions and sickness insurance benefits

Retirement Home - Habrová (Ošetřovatelský domov Praha 3)
Habrová 2654/2, Praha 3

retirement home

RIAPS Crisis Centre -Centrum sociálních služeb (Centrum sociálních služeb Praha)
Chelčického 39, Praha 3

assistance for people who find themselves in difficult situations regarding personal development, relationships, work or social situation; psychological and social counselling, short-term accommodation

Korunní 101, Praha 3

debt counselling, prisoner and reintegration programs, employment agency

Salvation Army Community Centre (Armáda spásy)
Biskupcova 36, Praha 3

meeting place for seniors, leisure activities, Christian spiritual care

Shelter housing for men Žižkov - Naděje (Naděje)
Husitská 110/70, Praha 3

transitional housing for homeless men (max. 1 year), social and psychological counselling

STŘEP - Centre for children and family support
Řehořova 10, Praha 3

assistance to parents in solving educational or any other problems with childcare

Ulita - Children and Youth Centre in Prague 3
Na Balkáně 2866/17a, Praha 3

hobby groups, education and leisure activities for children, youth and adults, family club Ulitka for infants, low-threshold club Beztíže for youth from 11 to 21 years old

​​This map was created under the project ​​INTEGRO ...– Integration on the Ground, implemented by the Association for Integration and Migration under the leadership of The Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities from Great Britain and in the cooperation with KISA - Action for Equality, Support Antiracism from Cyprus, Citizens For Europe e.V. from Germany and Radio Africa TV from Austria. The project is financed by the European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals, Community Actions.